The finals of the Continental League were this week, and in the end it paired up Faint Gaming against the fan-favorite Pnda Gaming. Overall, after a long fought battle it was Faint Gaming who won with a score of 2-1, and became the season one champions!

But, after these finals I have reasonable doubts that the Continental League will continue on. A reliable source has confirmed that part of the staffers in the league haven’t received the money they were owed, including casters and a graphic artist. The designer of the graphics for this league has reported that a majority of his work is still unpaid. Repritate is a graphics designer who created the original logo, header, transition scenes on the stream, and much more.  His estimate was that he was only paid for just twenty percent of the work he had done. After realizing this, he asked the owners of Continental to immediately cease using his artwork that they didn’t pay for when they refused to pay the missing eighty. Deciding they wanted to work with someone else, it still took them almost a week to finally replace it. And when they did, well, it is not looking good…


I promise you, the title of this article was intentional.

If you didn’t notice, the logo they are now using to represent their brand has a very big typo, ‘Continetal’.

This goes to show that the new designer is far below standards with a big mistake such as misspelling the name of the league. Additionally, a lot more of the images they have been putting out are less then stellar.


Not too impressed with this. It seems like the admins are struggling with finding a replacement for the key part of their organization. Additionally, I personally casted games for the league and can tell that setting up streams was almost impossible. Almost every single game was barely functional and I wasn’t aware of my casting schedule until sometimes twenty minutes before the game. Additionally, I was promised it would become a paid position and wasn’t informed it was ‘voluntary’ until a week before the end of season one.

I have news from an anonymous source that a major sponsor for the League is pulling out, destroying a great deal of their plans that were beginning to setup. This, along with losing a developer means the chances of a season two are fairly little.

Overall, this is one of those times where a great idea formed and was wildly misused, and a reason that blossoming leagues such as the Kiwi League are coming to popularity. Maybe if the Continental League comes under new management and pulls themselves together they could be popular, but if that doesn’t happen then it will turn into another CarbonX disaster.