In the world of amateur esports it seems like every team and their mother wants to have or has team jerseys and other apparel. Having been a team owner for two years now I know firsthand the struggle of finding a trustworthy designer and printer. In this article I’m going to talk about several companies that I have come to find as trustworthy, affordable, and reasonably priced.

jersey legion

Jersey Legion

The American company Jersey Legion is the first on this list. Currently they design logos, hoodies, jackets, long sleeve jerseys, short sleeve jerseys, and snapback hats. Along with these designs, they also print hoodies, long sleeve jerseys, jackets, and short sleeve jerseys. For designing, they offer a full apparel line package. This package includes a short sleeve jersey design, a long sleeve jersey design, a sleeveless jersey design, a hoodie design, a jacket design, a polo design, a hat design, and a t-shirt design. Currently all designs are on sale, and the prices are as follows:

  • Logo: $79.99
  • Hoodie: $30.00
  • Jacket: $30.00
  • Long Sleeve Jersey: $30.00
  • Short Sleeve Jersey: $30.00
  • Snapback hat: $30.00
  • Full Apparel Line Package: $180.00


Revize Apparel Co.

Based out of Virginia, Revize Apparel Co. is another American design and printing company. They design short sleeve jerseys, hoodies, zip up hoodies, jackets, long sleeve jerseys, logos, and feature two packages: the full apparel line design, and the eSports starter pack. The full apparel line package includes the designs of a short sleeve jersey, a long sleeve jersey, a jacket, a hoodie, a snapback, and a t-shirt. The eSports starter pack includes designs for a logo, a short sleeve jersey design, and a second jersey design(either for your re-brand, or for down the road). Here are the design prices:

  • Short Sleeve Jersey: $59.99
  • Hoodie: $59.99
  • Zip Up Hoodie: $59.99
  • Jacket: $59.99
  • Long Sleeve Jersey: $59.99
  • Logo: $79.99
  • Full Apparel Line: $149.99
  • eSports Starter Pack: $149.99


Clash Attire

Based out of Maryland, Clash Attire is the newest jersey and apparel company to gain notoriety, and for good reason. Out of all the American printing companies in this list, they are the most affordable, while still retaining good quality and great customer service. They design short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, snapbacks, and “dad hats” aka, baseball caps. These are the prices for designs they have available on their website:

  • Short Sleeve Jersey: $40.00
  • Long Sleeve Jersey: $40.00
  • Hoodie: $30.00
  • Jacket: $30.00



ARMA Centrum

Based out of the United Kingdom, ARMA Centrum is a bit pricey. This is probably due to the fact that they produce jerseys for teams such as Faze Clan, SK Gaming, and Rise Nation. They design short sleeve jerseys, and offer one bundle that includes a design for either a short sleeve or long sleeve jersey, and either a hoodie or a jacket. Here’s the prices:

  • Short Sleeve Jersey: $70.00
  • Design Bundle: $120.00



Akquire Clothing Co.

Based out of Canada, Akquire Clothing Co. is another big design and printing company. They print for teams such as InControl Gaming, FakeOut Nation, and Insomnia eSports. On their website, it lists that they design jerseys and and jackets. The prices for designs start at:

  • Jerseys: $40.00
  • Jackets: $50.00


Anthemic Apparel

Last on the list and based out of the United Kingdom is Anthemic Apparel. Having personally dealt with Anthmic, I can tell you that communication with them is lacking and frustrating. Their sponsor price brings jerseys down to a very affordable $25, but after trying to talk with them my team never managed to close the deal. Not because of any real issues, simply because Anthemic takes forever to reply, and when they do reply they give you the shortest answer they possibly could. On their website it only states that they design jerseys. The price for a jersey design is as such:

  • Gaming Jersey Design: £40.00(roughly $51.78)


After going over all the companies with their prices and stats, Clash Attire seems to be the best. In terms of customer service, they are quick to reply, give clear and concise answers, and are available for most hours throughout the day. In terms of pricing, they beat out everyone (excluding Jersey Legion’s sale prices) for all apparel.