Finally, a breakout point for Continental League Season One. This is the first time since the league has started that I can confidently say everything ran as smoothly as it should’ve since the beginning. No toxicity, no gigantic mistakes, just great Counter-Strike gameplay. Playoffs are well underway, and every single game has been an intense battle between two fantastic teams. Some big names that are really showing their skill is the supreme Pnda Gaming and the dominant Faint Gaming. Additionally, Good Team Name has proven they also have good team players, and their communication and individual skills will almost definitely mean an organization will pickup the roster.

The biggest event to happen this week outside of the playoff games is a name change coming from what was previously known as OsiRis eSports. The active roster had decided to part ways with their organization and now play under Hybrid Gaming. This has had no effect on their performance, and they are still dominating the landscape. The team was able to grab a convincing win over Aeonian eSports along with taking out Atlas Gaming, who had an almost perfect run the first two weeks of the season. It has certainly put them in a good position and secured their spot in the semifinals, which will be played out next week.

Here is a list of the semifinal contenders:

Pnda Gaming

Hybrid Gaming (Formerly Known as OsiRis eSports)

Faint Gaming

Good Team Name

Have a great week everyone, and good luck to all the teams still competing!

Which team do you think will be crowned the winners of Continental League Season One? Let us know in the comments below!