We are very pleased to announce we have worked out a partnership with KIWI League! As we already do, we will continue to exclusively cover all the news within the league. We are very excited to be the exclusive provider of all things KIWI League and to be able to share it with you, our audience. From all the amateur leagues we have seen over the years, all the way back to the Liberum Tempus until now, KIWI is the most professionally run and produced. We are very excited to see how the first season goes.

Last night, May 7, was the kick off for season one. From the meticulous intermission animation and graphics, all the way down to the colorful shout casting and emotion emitted from Vit4l, the stream was not disappointing. Frankly, many of us were skeptical of how the season might go, seeing as it is the product of KIWI inheriting CarbonX. After watching last night’s three games on stream, all of those doubts have gone right out the window and are sure to not return. Peaking at 103 viewers, the audience for the matches was having a blast in the chat, especially for the Fade Planet match against Spectrum where the chat spammed “#Can’tFadeUs” for the duration of the game.

The scores for the first day of matches were:

We will do a weekly recap at the end of this week once all round two games have been played. Now that KIWI League has started, we can begin to implement these teams into the team power rankings and the top five players of the week.