This week has been one of the worst for the Continental League due to one thing: a semi-professional team intentionally throwing a streamed game. ReFlecktion eSports, a team which boasts a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, a Call of Duty team, and even multiple streamers, intentionally lost a prime match against the powerhouse Pnda Gaming.

“Uhm, I really don’t know what else to say, about this team. So, really good job from Pnda, and I give up on ReFlecktions.” -PAU1, The Shoutcaster For The Streamed Match.

After multiple accounts of toxicity in the official Discord for the league, ReFlecktions disrespected their opponents by fixing the match and exhibiting behavior such as team-killing inside their spawn, purposely missing shots, and throwing rounds. With the two teams leading the charge in their group and securing spots in the playoffs, it was extremely disappointing and completely unexpected, shocking those who were watching. The match was expected to be quite popular with both teams doing so well in the earlier weeks and the official Twitch stream held a consistent sixty viewers tuning in for the upcoming game. Fans of the league were hoping to see an amazing game.

Instead, they were given an appalling match and unprofessional behavior, with an amateur team deciding to throw the match in a serious league game.

After the game concluded, a member from ReFlecktion fueled the fire by insulting administrators of the league and verbally attacking other players. It forced the owners of Continental to go so far as to disallow the roster from communicating in the Discord server and limiting their substitute players for the playoff matches to only two. Along with this, the match that they threw was considered a, ’16-0′ defeat, with Pnda Gaming taking another ‘perfect’ game.

Players, viewers, and others alike are now discussing the extent of the punishment. While many thought that the team’s punishment was justified, others believed that ReFlecktion eSports should be kicked from the league, and argued that the only reason they were not was due to the fact that the playoffs were too near for the Continental League to do anything.

“Due to the timing of the occurrence, with it happening at the end of the regular season and ReFlecktion being guaranteed with making the playoffs, we are limited to what we can do.”

On the bright side of this morbid situation, the Continental League will be quite busy. The playoffs will consist of the best teams in every group to compete against each other in a ‘Best of Three’. Playoffs have begun on Thursday and will continue for the next week, with only the best of the best still alive and fighting for their chance of the $250 prize pool.

Stances will be updated accordingly, and updates will continued to be posted for the teams fighting to the top in hopes of being crowned the winners of Continental League Season One.

Here are your playoff teams:

Pnda Gaming

ReFlecktion eSports

Good Team Name

Fury eSports

Aeonian eSports

Team Secrecy

Team Supremacy

OsiRis eSports

Atlas Gaming

Adrenaline Rush

Faint Gaming


Do you think that the punishment for ReFlecktion was justified? Let us know in the comments below!