Commencing on May 7, KIWI League will see 34 amateur teams battle it out for their share of the $900 prize pool. The organizers have decided to go with a Swiss format, meaning not all teams will play each other, but teams will play other teams that are closer to their skill level. The top eight teams will move on to playoffs.

Aeonian eSports, OsiRis eSports Black, Luck Shot Gaming, Faint Gaming, TriFractal.Bolt, Methodical Approach, ResoluteGG, Mischief Esports, Computing Premium, Rush (C), Spectrum, BLNK, Tempted eSports, Hellions, Team Impirati, Trifractal, Quantum Gaming, Plan 2 Win, Xotic, Canis Ignis, AggroCS, HyBrid OsiRis, Cosmic, Team Straton, Atlas Gaming, Flash Point EsportsFatal eSports, Bv Gaming, Mafia 9, Nimble Gamers, Poseidon eSports, Straight To Main, Team Secrecy, and JuicedUP are the 34 teams registered to compete. The First round match-ups are pictured below.


Teams will each be playing two matches a week, with the first set of matches on Sunday and Monday of each week, and the second set of matches on Friday and Saturday of each week.

The prize pool will be spread as such:

  1. $500
  2. $150
  3. $100
  4. $50
  5. – 8. $30

You can view the games that are streamed at Twitch.TV/KIWILeague and at Twitch.TV/KIWILeague2. The organizers plan on casting and/or streaming as many games as possible, so be sure to follow their Twitter to know when they go live!