The past week was another exciting week for Continental League that saw various teams move up in the standings and some grab their first win of the season. However, it also had a few issues during some of the matches specifically those occurring on April 27th. The issues that came to light were all in relation to our rules regarding substitutes and player eligibility. The following cases will be broken down one by one and an explanation of the measures taken to prevent the issue in the future.

The first issue that occurred was a result of ReFlecktion accusing the other team, DivineGG, of using a sub that had a previous VAC ban. Before the rules changes that occurred on April 28th the rule stated that a player could not sub if he had a previous VAC ban on his account. This issue was brought up after the players of DivineGG had brought up the same rule to prevent Scruffay, a player from OsiRis esports, subbing in for Pancakes who had ping issues. Scruffay was asked to leave and ReFlecktions proceeded to find another eligible sub. While the rule did state that it was not allowed for a VAC banned player to play, it was only intended to be targeted towards players with CSGO related VAC bans. As a result, the player in question was asked to show proof that the VAC ban was not CSGO related, which he proceeded to do. Because of this situation, the rules were updated so that they now state “Players are not permitted to play in the tournament if they have a prior CSGO VAC ban on their account.” It goes on to say that the VAC ban must also be within 365 days or 1 calendar year. This will prevent any confusion in the future and make sure that the rule is not too vague to be interpreted in different ways.

The sub-rules also had a larger change as who is able to sub was made more specific. Under the new rules, a sub must not be on any team that is entered in the active event or be on any active ESEA/CEVO/FACEIT roster that is participating in the current league. This was implemented to prevent teams from bringing in higher skilled players as subs to help them grind out a win. The idea of this rule is to emphasize the importance of playing with your full five whenever possible and only using a sub when needed. A sub is similar to a free agent and is to be a player that can be picked up by a team to fill in for a missing player, not one that automatically helps the team receive a win. With this in mind, another rule was implemented that will come into effect starting playoffs for Season 1. Teams will be required to submit a list of 3 subs that they will use in the case that they need one. A team can only use a sub from these three players during the playoffs regardless of the circumstance and any violation of this will result in a forfeit win due to the team attempting to circumvent the sub rule. Overall, this enforcing of the sub-rule will prevent teams from abusing the opportunity to use any sub but still give teams the freedom of being able to choose appropriate subs for their team.
Finally, we at Continental League decided it was for the league and communities best interest that a rule be implemented to outline what an amateur player was in regards to CS:GO. Continental League strives to host top quality and professional tournament for amateur CS:GO players so that they too can compete against other teams in the proper environment and have league experiences to help them understand more about competitive Counter-Strike. Under the new rule any player or team that is paid a salary will not be allowed to compete in Continental League tournaments, unless otherwise stated. It also excludes player, and teams, that have competed in ESEA premier or invite in the past two seasons. This will hopefully uphold the “amateur” title that all Continental League tournaments look to support.

As you may have seen through the course of this article, Continental League is always looking to increase the professionalism of the events that it holds and will do so by updating or adding rules and listening to the feedback of those who played in the tournaments. The latest rule changes will look to add more restriction to subs and players so that a fair environment is created for all teams. This rule changes will most definitely not be the last and they will constantly be updated to created the best environment for players and teams participating in Continental League tournaments.