After lasting 30 days, the fourth season of VitalityX has finally come to a close. The season saw many new advancements for the community, as well as unforeseen setbacks. The most common bans came from queue dodging, while other bans resulting from cheating and deleting matches were seen for the first time. With several new players from Continental League joining the community, and the entry fee dropping to $2.50, new competition drove the players to play more than ever before. In total, over 200 games were played in the shortened season. The cash prize pool, along with the inclusion of skins, came to a total of approximately $270 USD. Here are the winners and their earnings:

  1. Tribut3 – $100
  2. Brian – $65
  3. Kel – $35
  4. Shiraz – Skin Draft
  5. (tied) Brawk and Scruffay – Skin Draft

Shiraz, Brawk, and Scruffay each get to pick a couple of skins from a USP-S Orion, Glock-18 Water Elemental, AWP Electric Hive, AK-47 Frontside Misty, Desert Eagle Hypnotic, M4A1-S Hyper Beast, and M4A4 Desolate Space as their earnings.

Several players managed to be promoted to staff positions during the season. After being noticed for their dedication Brain, K22G, Tribut3, and maGe all became moderators, while Kel and Pr1de managed to become officers.

Here are those who received significant bans during season four:

  1. Subhart | Cheating – Banned for the duration of season five
  2. Skatt | Ban evasion, suspicion of throwing, match deletion – Banned for the duration of season five
  3. Darky – Toxicity, abandoning matches, queue dodging, being disrespectful to staff – Permanently Banned

This is the third permanent ban ever given. This is only the second time a cheater has ever been dealt with in VitalityX. The previous cheater received a permanent ban. The third permanent ban was given to a player for threatening the the community, saying he would hack the PayPal account, DDOS the TeamSpeak server, etc.

Season five will commence on May 1, and go until the end of May. The prize pool is yet to be announced, but will be made public within the first week of play. If you are not in VitalityX and would like to be, contact them on their twitter here.