Notice: The author of this article is a ‘caster’ for the league, and is disclosing that they do have a personal relationship with many from the production staff and the teams themselves. This will not affect how the article is written.

Amendments were made to correct the article. The Head of Production and Head of Graphic Design has not left the organization. Along with this, Talon Gaming used the correct roster in the first week, but failed to maintain the three required players in the second week where they played against Dyslexic Smile.

The Continental League is a semi-professional league that currently holds some of the best amateur teams at the moment in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Boasting a prize pool of $250, it is no surprise that it has pulled some very recognizable names in the scene including Pnda Gaming, with star players such as ‘Sarge’ and Divine eSports. These heavy hitters, along with teams who are just getting started such as Convicted eSports who had an almost perfect game against Talon Gaming in their debut match, and Faint Gaming which currently has a perfect record of 3-0 with an impressive ‘RD’ of 38.

Currently, the league is wrapping up its second week of the season, and it has certainly has had its up and downs. With multiple scheduling errors, mistakes on both the organization’s end and many of the team’s part, it has certainly been quite hectic. One error was about the official roster of Talon Gaming, where they hadn’t used a core three players in the first two games of the league (Teams must maintain three players on the roster from when they originally signed up). This mistake happened during their game in the second week against Dyslexic Smile after two complete league matches with the correct roster. Along with this, the small organization owned by ‘Daltoid’ had withdrawn themselves from the season due to internal conflicts on the team along with Team EKO Gaming, causing any future matches to be considered a forfeit for them and a 16-0 defeat for their ‘opponents’. These two major blunders, and a variety of other smaller reasons has left the League in a bit of a hectic situation. They are however slowly coming back better and stronger in preparation for the third week.

Fortunately, these problems have not affected the games. Almost all the matches this week were between evenly matched teams, and almost every single one could’ve swayed to either side in a single round. We had fantastic games coming from smaller teams such as Good Team Name grabbing two wins under their belt over After Effects and Demon eSports. Along with that, Atlas Gaming is proving themselves to be a worth contender with players like ‘pokerino’, grabbing a 16-0 game over ReVamp due to a cancellation, and beating out Adrenaline Rush with a convincing 16-13 win.

So far, it seems like Atlas Gaming, Pnda Gaming, and Faint Gaming are leading the charge, but it is still anyone’s game as we continue forward into the season, with a majority of all the organizations relatively close together and hopefully the struggling teams at the bottom can pull themselves back to the top.

Here are the current standings heading out of week two and into week three. Cheers, and see you next week.

Atlas Gaming – 8 Points / 47 RD (4-0)

Pnda Gaming – 6 Points / 39 RD (2-0)

Faint Gaming – 6 Points / 38 RD (3-0)

Team Secrecy – 6 Points / 34 RD (3-0)

Team Supremacy – 4 Points / 23 RD (2-1)

Adrenaline Rush – 4 Points / 20 RD (3-1)

ConvictedGG – 4 Points / 13 RD (2-1)

OsiRis eSports – 4 Points / 7 RD (3-0)

Good Team Name – 4 Points / 1 RD (3-0)

ReFlecktion – 4 Points / -3 RD (1-1)

After Effect – 2 Points / -7 RD (0-3)

Demon eSports – 2 Points / -9 RD (1-2)

Dyslexic Smile – 2 Points / -15 RD (1-2) [DROPPED FROM LEAGUE]

Team EKO Gaming – 0 Points / -15 RD (0-2) [DROPPED FROM LEAGUE]

Fury eSports – 0 Points / -18 RD (0-1)

DivineGG – 0 Points / -18 RD (0-1)

Team ReVamp – 0 Points / -24 RD (0-1)

Aeonian eSports – 0 Points / -26 RD (0-2)

Seventh Manner – 0 Points / -27 RD (0-2)

TalonGG – 0 Points -35 RD (0-3)