Liberum Tempus, a well known organization in the amateur esports community has recently decided to part ways with their Counter Strike Global Offensive roster. This initially came as a shock to many after it was discovered Jacob “Nuked” Twigg and Mike “MIKE” Fenn had been dropped during the regular season of ESEA open season 24. After failing to make it past the first round of playoffs in ESEA Open Season 24, it came out that the roster of Liberum Tempus had been dropped. We had a chance to interview one of the owners of Liberum Tempus, Noah “Fizzur3” Sherrick, to get some insight on what went down.

Q: Why did you decide to part ways with the CS:GO team?

A: It wasn’t really our choice. Contracts expired right before playoffs of ESEA open season 24 started. We wanted to offer the team contracts again if they made it to IM. Many people have been asking us why we dropped Nuked and MIKE. During the regular season, Nuked and Mike both went on vacation for spring break. The only problem is that they had two games scheduled for that time. We knew ahead of time Nuked wouldn’t make either game, but MIKE would make one. Salus and DigitalC suggested we use subs for both games because they had been practicing with two subs throughout the week, and they didn’t think it would be wise to have MIKE come back from vacation and play after not having played for an extended period of time. After this, some stuff started to go down. Salus and DigitalC wanted to keep the two subs as the active roster. If we didn’t go with this idea, we knew we would lose three players once the season ended and have to rebuild our roster yet again. After putting everything into consideration we decided it was in the best interest of the company to drop Nuked and MIKE and pick up the two subs as a part of the active roster. Even after this, tensions between us at management and the players grew, to the point where no one trusted each other. They wanted us to make some changes to the contract that we weren’t willing to make, and that was basically the final straw.

Q: Will you be looking for a new set of players?

A: Absolutely. We’ve already been talking to a couple teams, but haven’t been able to lock one down as of yet.

Q: If so, what type of players would you be looking for?

A: Of course they’ve got to be mature. Confidence and trust is also a huge factor. All of these traits go hand in hand. We’re looking to pick up a team that is in ESEA main already.

Q: Will you take this time to re-evaluate your approach to competitive Counter Strike?

A: Without a doubt. We haven’t been able to keep the same roster for more than one season of any league. We’re gonna take this time to really find the right team.

Q: What is the most important trait that a CS:GO team must have in order to succeed?

A: Confidence to win, and trust in each other.

From what we gathered during the interview it seems internal issues between the organization leaders and players was the main reason Liberum Tempus parted ways with their roster. Contract issues were also catalysts to the situation. Liberum Tempus still continues their search for a new Counter Strike roster that fits their needs. They hope to sign a team of 5 players who are currently competing in ESEA Main. Best wishes to Liberum Tempus on their hunt for a CS:GO roster from the team at VoteToKick. Finally, I would like to thank Noah “Fizzur3” Sherrick to take the time to do this interview with us.