Before being taken over by KIWI Gaming, CarbonX was the center of much public disapproval. Controversial last minute rules, constant hiring and leaving of staff, and even failing to pay out the full prize money teams earned, the league was plagued with faults and errors during the second season. After having such a successful season one, this ill-fated season two came as a shock to many. I recently managed to have an interview with Christopher “Wearwolf” Wear, the man in charge during the rise and fall of CarbonX.

Q: Did you sell CarbonX to Kiwi? If not, what would you call the move?

A: No, Transfer of Power.

Q: So if you had no financial gain, why did you give up the league you built from the ground up?

A: It became too much to handle, and I believed that KIWI could handle the madness.

Q: CarbonX never managed to pay the winning teams the prize money that they were promised. Why is that?

A: Well first off, it was my fault and I will own up to that. I trusted a guy who helped me start up CarbonX with the money, and he never paid back. We ended up paying $633 [out of the $700 prize pool promised for season two] with our season three entries and our profit money from season two. I intend to pay KIWI $180 of my own money to cover some costs from our season three expenses plus the remaining $67 we have yet to pay out.

Q: What are the plans for Wearwolf? Do you have any other ventures in mind?

A: Planning on starting my own tournament business. Until I complete all of the pre-work for it, I will be working with other leagues on scheduling for their events.

Q: Care to elaborate what you mean by tournament business?

A: Sure, I will be setting up where Orgs and individuals can order events such as an 8 team double elimination tournament with the settings they would like on it. We would charge a flat fee, but the profits will be split up between ourselves and the customer.

From what I was able to collect from Wearwolf, the whole reason why prize money wasn’t fully paid out by CarbonX was because the former co-owner was the one who handled all the money. When he was ousted from CarbonX, he said he would give the money to Wearwolf so it could be spread around to the teams who rightfully earned it. After six weeks of promising to give Wearwolf the money, the former co-owner has yet to do so.

Thanks to Wearwolf for sitting down and answering my questions.