Recently the CS:GO community server company KIWI Acquired CarbonX, the league formerly run by Wearwolf. In recent months CarbonX had been on the receiving end of public disapproval. I caught up to KIWI‘s owner, Andrew “drop” DeChristopher to talk about his recent acquisition.

Q: Firstly, congratulations on your acquisition of CarbonX. How did you come across the idea of the merger, and why do you think it was the right decision?

A: “We were approached by Wearwolf, the former owner, about the acquisition. I wouldn’t consider it a merger because we completely absorbed CarbonX into KIWI. He wanted the experience we had along with the quality of the servers we run to improve the quality of the league overall.”

Q: While being run by Wearwolf, the league was very controversial. Most notably, the teams that won money from season two were not paid the full amounts they were promised. If you notice, most of the teams in season three are not returning teams from season two. Now that your company owns the league, will these teams get their money? Are you worried about the negative reputation that CarbonX built transfering over to your company?

A: “We aren’t very worried about it because of the trust in our brand that we’ve build over the years. We’re taking strides to pay out the rightful winners of the previous season of the league. We’re considering it a fresh start and we hope everyone else does as well.”

Q: You guys have been around for a couple of years, right? How did your company get its start, and what plans do you have for the future(mainly the league)?

A: “We’ve been around since August 2015. We started as a single AWP only free for all server that I ran out of my basement. We slowly grew into a larger server network over the course of 2015 and we released our PUG client in the early summer of last year. We plan on running this season of the league the most professionally we can while attracting as many teams as we can for the next season. We’d also like to make it known that the issues that Wearwolf perpetuated will no longer be a problem under our management.”

Q: Lastly, Is there anything you’d like everyone to know that we haven’t already discussed?

A: “All I’d like to say is the days of CarbonX and it’s problems are over and that we’re excited to be venturing into the amateur CS:GO space.”

I want to thank drop for taking the time to answer these questions.